Monday, June 27, 2011

Hormone Schmormone

Okay, so I'm 5 months pregnant and I think this has been the most um.. emotional pregnancy so far.  I've been super hormonal and felt off-balanced and crazy half the time... well, maybe not really half the time, but far more than the last 2 pregnancies.

Little things get me upset sometimes.  In fact, on Friday I went to the doctor.  I tried to explain to her why I am not going to see the specialist she recommended.  She argued with me about my reasoning, she would not listen to it or try to understand my dilemma.  I was frustrated - so I cried.  I'm pregnant, I'm hormonal, that happens.

For real though - she told me to stop crying because, "we're only trying to help you, and crying won't help your blood sugar or the baby".  FOR REAL?!?!?!  Then I was angry.

Finally I worked past it (although thinking about this encounter still makes me angry).  Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds - they informed me that they don't take my insurance - even though I knew otherwise.  Again - I cried.

Yay husband who straightened things out with the pharmacy!

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